Pound Cake, Mango Butter and Georgia Peach Candle

Why are Scented Candles Relaxing?

Do you ever wonder why candles can be so relaxing? Is it the flickering of the flame or the aroma it omits? Either way, it's all relaxing and a much needed product in so many homes and businesses. Candles have been proven to soothe the human soul. That's probably why you can find a candle just about anywhere in today's society. They're sold in big box stores, such as Walmart and Target. They are even found in some large retail clothing stores. Years ago, that was unheard of. Now you have some clothing stores that carry their very own signature scent. And how could you blame them? It's all about mood setting and candles are just that.

Either way, with more retailers in the candle fragrance industry, it gives consumers a plethora of candle fragrance options. Making me one happy customer. I can tell you how many times I've become a bit more relaxed and chill when lighting up my favorite fragrance candle. I can remember a customer visiting our local store in Memphis who just had to have Sweet Georgia Peach Candle. Like literally, she said it was therapy for her. It was her daily prescription. Who would have thought a candle could be so important?  What about you? How does your favorite candle fragrance set your mood? Please share.

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