Fragrance Body Chemistry & how to find out what works for you.

Fragrance Body Chemistry & how to find out what works for you.

Finding the perfect fragrance for your body chemistry is truly a task that could take some time. Body chemistry plays a significant role in finding the right fragrance just for you. It plays a major role on how well a fragrance will perform on your skin. You heard me correctly. Body chemistry is not a myth. Everyone wears fragrances differently. What smells great on a close friend or family member will smell totally different on you. Body chemistry also includes how long a fragrance will last on your skin. Some people can wear a fragrance and its longevity is evident. Whereas you may wear the exact same fragrance and the longevity is an issue. Trust me on this one. I've worn Jadore Parfum and it smells awesome. It is truly an amazing fragrance but whenever I have worn this particular fragrance by hour two, it is barely there. This can be frustrating to say the least because Jadore Parfum is not a cheap fragrance. It is a well known fragrance made by Christian Dior. Knowing your body chemistry will definitely save you precious time and money. 

Fragrances also need time to develop on the skin. What I mean by this, is there are top, middle and bottom notes of all fragrances . A top note is usually the first thing you’ll notice in a fragrance. They are usually fresh and uplifting and will also be the first to evaporate. The top not definitely draws you in and grabs your attention but there's much more to a fragrance than the top note. The middle notes help give body and fullness to a blend. They’re often what holds the blend together and makes it work. Bottom notes are the base of the fragrance on top of which the heart and top are constructed. Keeping this all in mind will help your journey in finding the perfect fragrance just for you.

Finally let's discuss fragrance pulse points. Fragrances work better when applying it to your body's pulse points. The "pulse points" are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots emanate heat, which can help fragrance to emanate from your skin into the air. The spots include the inside of your wrist, inside the elbows,  behind the ears and some apply a dab or two behind the knees. Heat enhances the output of fragrances. When testing fragrances to learn what works best for you, applying fragrances to the pulse points will give you an idea on how well the fragrance performs on your skin. You are definitely unique. Fragrances will attest to that.

So when searching for what fragrance works for you, consider all things discussed in this blog post. One thing I know for sure is, it's a process but it's well worth it. 

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