About Us

Ceed Fragrances is a company that started out by promoting growth. Growth within and the surrounding communities it serves. It didn't hurt that our love for fragrances was evident.  Ceed Fragrances was established in Memphis, TN in 1995. It served as a brand that basically traveled across the USA to get the word out about all things fragrances. Ceed Fragrances attended and sponsored many tradeshow conferences across the nation initially selling Name Brand Fragrances at discounted prices. We carried almost every brand you could imagine and it positioned us as a a contender in the fragrance industry. We wanted to become our clients "go to" Fragrance shop in Memphis and abroad. We partnered with a few major fragrance distributers who had many connections within the field.  At one point, we became one out of two fragrance stores in the United States that was allowed to carry Ramon Molvizar products. This alone placed us on a different level and we were happy to accept the challenge. 

Over time, we decided to extend our fragrance offerings to include Candles, Fragrance Body Oils, Home fragrances, etc. Anything that had to do with fragrances for the home and body use, WE BECAME the premier store. With our experience in the fragrance industry, we are a trusted company in providing fragrance needs to the masses.