Is there a designated pickup spot outside the store? There are no designated spots for curbside pickup in the parking lots at our stores. Simply drive up to the entrance, and call us at 365-2444 to let us know you are here. If you have a pick up at our Whitehaven Location, call 346-1113.

Do I need to tip the delivery associate? Not at all; this is our way of helping you get your favorite candles you love quickly and safely. We appreciate the thought—a simple smile and wave will do! 

Are other items excluded from Curbside services? The products listed on the site are available in real time. Other items will be added over time. Please pay close attention to what products are stocked at our 2 locations.

Can I add to my order once I am there?  Adding items to your order after it has been placed is not allowed.  You will have to complete a new order to add items. 

How long will it take for my order to be ready? It is difficult to estimate a specific timeframe but we will work diligently to get your order ready.  After your order has been placed, please allow us at least 2 hours to prepare it. Once you receive notification that your order is ready,  you will have 24 hours to pick up your order. After 24 hours, a refund will be sent to your account.

Can someone other than me pick up my order? Yes. When they drive up and call, they’ll need to have the order confirmation email and their ID.

Why are the candle glass different from the picture on the website? From time to time, we switch styles of our candles. On occasion, the glass maybe different but the fragrance you have ordered is the same.

Fragrance Fanatic Membership:

How much does The Fragrance Fanatic Membership cost per Year? There are two Fragrance Fanatic Membership Plans available. Each Fragrance Fanatic Membership Plan has different benefits. Ceed Fragrances currently has the $29 and $35 Fragrance Fanatic Membership Plan. Please search under Fragrance Fanatic Membership at the top of the page to review benefits. Both plans are Non Refundable.

What's included in the Fragrance Fanatic Membership? After the  membership fee is paid, allow for 24 hours for it to be activated. A code will be sent to the email you provided during sign up. Use this code on every order you place online. On every order, you will receive either 10% or 15% OFF (whichever Membership you selected) when entering the code during checkout. Other Discounts are not allowed with sales promotions. Your subscription is valid for One Year. Discounts are not automatic. You will have to use the code on every order. Discounts cannot be add after the order has been placed.

Can you add my discount if I forget to add the code? Unfortunately, we are unable to give the discount if you do not enter it during checkout. The discount is not automatic so you will need to use your code to activate your discount.

What if I forget my code? Please contact us at to request your code. Please include your name, address, the Membership Plan you selected and date of purchase to verify your account.

Is the Fragrance Fanatic Membership transferable? Yes, your membership is transferable and is free to share with friends and family. Your membership is valid for One year after sign up.

With The Fragrance Fanatic Membership, do I save on every single fragrance product I order Online? Yes, any and all fragrance products you order online only will receive a 10% OFF or 15% OFF (whichever Membership Plan you selected) discount valid for One year after sign up.

Is there an automatic renewal for The Fragrance Fanatic Membership? No, we will reach out to you to inform you that your subscription is about to expire. You will need to purchase another subscription to enjoy your discounts.