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Highlights of Being a Consultant with Ceed Fragrances

Being a staff member at Ceed Fragrances carries many hats. From greeting customers, filming product videos to mixing custom products for our valued clients. There is never a boring day at work. We are continuously training staff on providing excellent customer service while knowing the intricate part of fragrance knowledge. Employees start their shift by doing a temperature check before clocking in. Every staff member is given tasks to complete during their shift. There are several stations that an employee maybe assigned. Not only are stations assigned but there are goals we strive for each day and is being monitored and guided by management.  As a company, we have made it policy to make every single customer feel welcomed. Every sales consultant needs to speak to every customer regardless of another employee doing so. It's a way of fragrance life for us. It takes a special someone that can provide a higher level of customer service. Ceed Fragrances' Sales Consultants are just that. Highly motivated, intelligent thinkers that can out customer service anyone on any given day.

Our staff members, present and past, all were hired because there was just something about them that grabbed our attention. Most times, work experience was lacking but their personality, drive and commitment to be better was what we as a company will always look for. I cannot tell you how many fragrance sales consultants that we have hired over the last 20 years, that have never had any work experience but we look deeper to see how special they are. We pride ourselves on giving chances and opportunities to some who haven't been given a chance at all. Now trust me, we are not always 100% successful and that's okay. We are not a fit for all who seek employment because that works both ways. 

We can proudly say we have an increasingly diverse current and past employee pool. We have had the pleasure of working with employees who have gone on to their desired fields (and yes, we have receipts) in becoming doctors, entertainers, singers, musicians, business owners, accountants, attorneys, professional and paid actors, filmmakers, nurses, etc.  All of this coming out of the Memphis, Hickory Hill & Whitehaven communities. Ceed Fragrances is about growth. You plant a Ceed (seed) and watch it grow. That is what we have been doing all along. What are you about? 

Caption in Photo:

Film Production - Director and Morehouse College Bound - Coby B.- Lead Fragrance Consultant at Ceed Fragrances

Assistant Director - Mikala W. - University of Memphis

Actress - Gen A. - Current High School student. Professional Actress has filmed with well know actor, Columbus Short, known for his role in Stomp The Yard 2007. Back End Customer Service Representative at Ceed Fragrances

Check out Coby's Clothing at Clothing Store | Coby's Crib ( Go support his small business! Filming was done by Coby in Memphis, TN. Check him out and support a fellow Memphian!


  • Coby bennett
    Thank you Mrs.Tonya for allowing Mikala and I to film. It’s just the beginning and I can’t wait to film something else for Ceeds.

  • Anonymous

    So encouraging to not only read about Ceed Fragrances’ desire to grow, but to have actually witnessed it firsthand, is inspiring.

    The Hickory Hill Community proudly supports your businesses and applaud your efforts!

    Wishing you continued growth and success!

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